Sunday, March 20, 2011

St. Patrick's Pots of Gold

I just wanted to share these very fun little 'Pots of Gold' I gave out to my boys' teachers and all my neighbors.

These are so sweet and lots of fun to make. I painted a 3" terra cotta pot with black craft paint and then did a 2nd coat with a metallic black to give it a bit of a shine. Don't you think the Leprechauns pots of gold have some shine to them? I think they must. ;)

Then I hot glued some random different green ribbons to the rim and added a button shamrock and a little tag that I created with The Print Shop.

Inside is some gold shredded paper filler and 3 gold hershey's nuggets and a chocolate gold coin. Are you aware that it is darn HARD to find those silly gold coin candies!!?? I went to 8 stores not to mention, the dozen that I looked at on line to find them! That is a little obsessed I know, but the pots HAD to have gold coins!! ;)

I wrapped them up in cellophane a tied them with a sweet Irish Blessing that I found online. My kiddo's had a lot of fun handing these out to their teachers and knocking on ALL the (18) neighbor's doors to wish them Happy St. Patrick's Day. That's the best part. It's so fun for me to make these little goodies and then it's so fun to surprise people and give them a little something that they totally didn't expect!

Thanks for checking in with me today and May God bless you and fill your home and heart with gladness and cheer! ;)

Oh ~ I'll be posting my April class soon so keep checking back!

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