Tuesday, September 21, 2010

September's Taylored Expressions Key Ingredient's Kit

Just wanted to share some of the fun cards I've been creating with this month's TE Key Ingredient's kit. Have I mentioned lately how much I love getting this kit every month!!?? They are so much fun!

Within the last 6 weeks or so Erik and I have had several friends and relatives experiencing some serious tragedy's, illnesses and losses. So needless to say the 'thinking of you', 'praying for you' and 'sympathy' cards have been heavy on my heart lately.

Our prayers go out to Marissa who was in a terrible car accident within her first week to college as a Freshman; Gary who has been diagnosed with Lymphoma Cancer, and my sweet young cousin Connie whose best friend of 16 years died after falling off a horse just days before they both were to leave for their Freshman years in college. Though we know not why God allows these things to happen, we take comfort that they did not come by surprise to Him and that He is always with us through them. We trust that in each situation God's glory will shine.


  1. These are great, Amanda! I love your patterned couch. I am sorry to hear of the tragedies in your life recently, but I know your friends will take comfort in the thoughtfulness of your handmade card.

  2. Wow... These are all great! I am sorry for all the terrible things that have happened. God is always with us and that is sooo comforting! I know how great He has been to me! He has carried me through a rough year myself ... that isn't over yet! :) Of course... He always carries me but... you know what I mean!