Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Shop Space

Today I thought I'd share what I think is a pretty great idea for my little shop space at home. On the wall behind our front door I hung up a vinyl window cling as my shop 'sign' and then I used some IKEA towel racks, the same ones many of us use for our punches. With the help of some hooks and the coordinating baskets, I can hang all my cards and display my journals and card sets. All of it is so reasonably priced as well, the towel racks are $1.99, the hooks are .99 for a pack of 10 and then the baskets I think are $3 or 4. Right now I have about 50 cards hanging plus the 3 baskets, and everything is easily accessible.

Now I have a sweet little wall that serves as my 'shop'! I have a couple neighbors, friends and family that do come here to look at my inventory and buy right off my rack! Stay tuned...later this month I will share with you my crafting space. ;)


  1. Love love love the "shop" idea. Thanks for sharing. It looks fantastic. Marla

  2. Cool shop idea!
    Many greetings from germany

  3. Great way to keep our finished samples from getting messed up - right now I hang them with mini clothes pins on a string strung across my craft wall. I like yours better! Cathi

  4. I love this idea! Where do you buy your bags from? I have looked around but haven't ordered because I want to make sure their good quality.


  5. Michelle, I order my bags from and they are great quality! ;) Thank you!

  6. Found your picture on Splitcoast and loved the idea! I have customers who come to my house as well and they basically browse through my boxes of hundreds of cards which are labelled for them according to occasion, but I am always looking for a way to "display" certain cards or projects to have recent samples in open view on a regular basis, but not on a bunch of bulky shelves and this is perfect! And so economical too. Thanks for sharing your awesome idea!!