Monday, September 27, 2010

Changes for my Amanda's Christian Encouragement Series

Whew! These last two months since I released my first two sets of ACES has been a whirlwind! Creating the cards, receiving orders, ordering more paper, buying new ink cartridges, receiving more orders, ordering more paper (again!), then creating more cards and well you get the picture! lol! Now, I am NOT complaining! Please be sure of that. ;) However, some of you may not know, that I also teach a paper crafting class on the first Friday of every month. So what I just didn't realize before was how busy the last week of the month would be with preparations for both my ACES and my class!

Not wanting to lower my quality in either case, I have decided to change my release dates for my ACES to the 15th of the month. This will allow me to stretch out my prep times a bit more. Also instead of 2 sets of cards every month, I will just release one set of cards. I hope this isn't too disappointing to anyone. I am thinking that it will allow me to put more focus and details into my work and make them even more beautiful for you!

Well those are my release date and one set of cards at a time. Any questions or comments are always appreciated. Thank you so much for your encouragement and your business!


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