Wednesday, August 17, 2011

TE August Blast From The Past Blog Hop ~ Collectors Annonymous

So the theme for this months blog hop is 'Collectors Anonymous' and at first I wasn't sure what that really meant. But I found out that Taylor wanted us to use things that we normally stash away and hoard because they are too pretty to use or we don't want to waste them or that sort of thing. So that made me really have to think. What do I hoard?

Well fortunately for me, I don't think I hoard much. (I wonder if my friends might say different of me?) But I am one of those truly lucky women who has a craft space of my own and I can pretty much craft/play at any given moment (yes, my house is generally a mess). So anyway, my point is I get to USE all my stuff!

However, I do think I hoard one thing...kits! I am a sucker for kits! Like the TE Key Ingredients kits ~ if you ever want a cool kit (that comes to you in the mail ~ EVERY MONTH!!) the Key Ingredients kits are the ones to try. So many goodies and paper and ribbon and everything already coordinates for ya. Fun, fun, fun. So I think I do hoard kits, but then again I use those too. But I have to keep them in their cute little cases that they come in and keep everything together. ;)

Okay, so are you sick of reading my blog yet? Get on with it right?! Okay, okay, okay here is my first sample! And guess what? I used a TE Key Ingredients kit to make it! It's a kit from sometime last year, and look at the beautiful paper! ~ Yum!

These buttons and paper flowers are from my stash and actually I have been kinda hoarding the flowers lately. But not on purpose! ;) The sentiment stamp is from SU.

And here is my second sample. Actually I made this one first but then decided to change the background paper around (I always make two cards at a time ~ anyone else do that?) and then created the second/first card. ;) Just to confuse ya!

Everything on this card is from a TE Key Ingredients kit and the stamp and sentiment are from TE's Summer Afternoon stamp set.

Well I am really enjoying playing in this months blog hop, I hope you will continue on the hop and see everyone elses beautiful creations too!

Blessings to you today! You can always leave me some love in the form of a comment! ;)


  1. I love the KI Kits, too!! Your cards are sweet! Love those papers.

  2. Excellent! Two cards! Both are just great!

  3. Great cards, Amanda! I must agree that the KI kits are amazing :D

  4. Super cute! TFS!

    Blogger is giving me a hard time today, jeesh!


  5. Lovely cards!! I was just thinking yesterday that I am going to challenge myself to use up my entire kit this month!!!!

  6. Cute cards! I especially LOVE the buttons in the centers of the flowers!!! I haven't ever purchased a KI kit, but I'm thinking I NEED to look into them! HA!

  7. Very fun! I see lots of kit papers and embellishments on your cards!

  8. Great cards, love all the fun embellishments!

    Chris L.

  9. Beautiful cards. Love those flowers and buttons too.

  10. Lovely card Amanda. The flowers with buttons look so pretty and the paper is gorgeous! :o)

  11. Two cards, wow! Nice work! I was lucky to just get my one card done lol! I, too, have my own craft room but I never seem to spend enough time in there and use my stuff.