Monday, January 3, 2011

Adjustments to My Happy Place

Okay so most of you know that My Happy Place is still in the very new stages. So that means that I will have tweaking and adjusting to do as I figure out the best way for everything to function in here. ;) And I like to SHARE those processes! lol! Things are really starting to fill in here. ;) Just ignore the right hand side, like from the end of the desk and over, I'll fill you in on that area another day. ;)

In my last photos of my room this section of wall was still pretty blank. So I've added a couple extra towel bars and the picture ledge with frames. Everything seems to really fit in place nicely and flows well.

Looky ~ looky! I am so excited about this! Okay so you know I am a new Stampin Up! demonstrator. Well I am not one that already has a collection of SU ink pads. I had previously really only had Close To My Heart ink pads, which I loved the way that I stored them and kept them so handy with the Ikea shower caddy's and towel bars. Now switching over to having SU ink pads, well...they don't fit the same way! And I don't really want a bulky ink pad tower on my desk. So look what I came up with!! It's the same Ikea shower caddy's I just turned them on their side! They still can hang from the towel bars and then I just (get this!!) twist tied the two caddy's together and just hung the top one from the towel bar. he he he! Each caddy can easily hold 8-10 ink pads, although keeping it to 8 is much more accessible. And I can just keep adding extra caddy's as my collection of ink pads increases. The caddy's are $1.99 and so is the towel bar. Pretty cheap!

In this picture you can really see the difference in how the two types of ink pads store in these caddy's. Also you can see that I keep my scrubber and spray handy in the top tray. My sponges are right next to that in the white hanging bowl. And next to the SU ink pads are my clear blocks. Everything within reach, in view and so accessible for all my stamping projects. You can see too that I hang my heat gun on a hook here and it is always ready when I need it. I really am a person who likes things in one room, everything in one place and within reach when I am organizing. I don't like to have to keep getting up to get something from somewhere else. ;)

This part is so much fun! I got this chunky frame and decor element in the bundle with the last Stampin Up! promotion and I love the way that it looks! I just haven't decided if I want a color or black and white picture in it yet. ;) And the Ikea frame next to it ~ they just totally look like they go together. Love it. Also the picture ledge is from Ikea too.

I think I'm gonna call this my 'Paper Manipulation Station'. lol! This is still one of my favorite finds. Purchased from Craigslist last year, it is such a nice piece of furniture and it really functions well for crafting. It's almost counter height so it's awesome for all my paper cutting, scoring, embossing and punching.

A bit of glare here, but more true to color for the wood of this piece. ;)

I LOVE having all my punches up now and I can see all of them in one place.

In the bottom right hand side cubby I use this large accordion file to store all my scrap paper. I love this system. It is organized just by color, so whenever I need a piece of red paper I can just go through that first before I start cutting anymore full sheets. Especially when I just need a bit of paper for a punch, it's really nice to have that handy. Also in that big green box is all my 'stuff' that I use with my Cuttlebug. Keeps everything within reach.

Thank you so much for checking in with me and my progress with My Happy Place. This has been such a joy for me and it's so much fun to share!

Have a blessed day!


  1. WOW! Whoever painted your room did a masterful job.

  2. Wow Amanda, it's really coming together! What an awesome space and how fun to always be tweaking it to fit. I'll bet a year from now it's completely different!
    Happy new Year ♥ Becky

  3. Amanda, first, congrats on becoming a SU! demo! I have been a hobby demo for some time now. I love your room -- I want to paint mine green as well, but that may have to wait. Do you find the punches scratch the paint when being removed and replaced? I was thinking of getting a piece of plywood, adding some little trim around the edges and painting it white (sort of a white frame against a green wall) and putting the punch bars (whatever they're called) on THAT -- do you have thoughts? And your husband is a very funny guy! :)

  4. Thanks for the question Queen Mary! I haven't ever noticed any scratching on the painting from the punches. Even in my old office I had them like this too. But I do like your idea of the frame. Becky (from Inking Idaho) has a great idea too, looks like she covered a board with fabric and attached her bars to that and then mounted it on the wall. Check out her blog for pics of that. Otherwise these towel bars are such a great way to store punches; very inexpensive and accessible. Blessings to you!