Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My New Craft Space

Okay, now keep in mind that this is a transformation of a garage! ;)

Originally my desk and shelves had been built into my entryway closet. So we (hubby and I) took those out and put them in the garage. I got the Jetmax storage cubes at Michael's on the Black Friday sale for my desk legs. and then it is just mounted on the wall in the back. I am going to put up some more of the Ikea towel bars above my desk to keep my tools handy.

Here is my table for all my ladies to come over and have stamp clubs. I had 6 ladies at a time this weekend and no space problems. Yeah!

Behind this curtain hides my furnace and hot water heater. Who wants to have to look at that! ;)

This may be my favorite part of the room. I picked up both of these cabinets off of I love how I have space to display all my Stampin' Up! catalogs on the white cabinet and then I have the whole brown cabinet set up as a cutting station. All my cutting, scoring, embossing and punching supplies are here. And on the side I mounted an Ikea magazine rack for all of my card base papers. Love it!
And last but NOT least! Here is my Cricut and mailing station. And this is the entry into the room. I am so happy with my new space and love how it functions and allows space for me to share with others.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a blessed day!

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