Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Teacher Goodies

Here is a picture of my sweet son, Benjamin and his teacher Mrs. Harris. He is in first grade this year and he LOVES it! He also loves his teacher. ;) Since the second day of school he has come home and asked me if I have made anything yet that he could give her. So I had to get on it and make something!! And I can't just make something for one teacher, no that would be too easy, I have to make something for all my kids' teachers. So luckily this year we only have 4 teachers between my 3 kids. ;)

Target had these cute little baskets in their 'Dollar Spot'. I also picked up these tiny clothes pins there as well. Wish I had gotten more! I decorated the outside of the baskets and the clothes pins with some of the current fall dsp from Stampin' Up! To the backs of the clothes pins I added some self adhesive magnet so they can use them on the chalk boards or file cabinets.

Teachers need to relax, so I gave them each a tea bag holder with Scripture Tea and Sugar.  And what goes better with a cup of tea than a good book? So they each got a bookmark!
 This is a magnet. I just clustered together a bunch of beautiful leaves from the current Stampin' Up! mini catalog. They turned out adorable!

Here are the goodies all put together. These were really fun to make and the teachers were all so surprised to get them. I'm glad my kid's like to give gifts to their teachers. They all work hard and we do appreciate them!!

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